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Vetericyn Plus VF Wound & Skin Care Spray

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Sale Vetericyn Plus VF Wound & Skin Care Spray

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Vetericyn Plus Wound & Skin Care Spray

One-step topical spray for minor wounds. This no-rinse solution is based on hypochlorous acid, an oxychlorine compound similar to that produced by the animal’s own immune system, and contains no steroids or antibiotics. Vetericyn will not harm healthy tissue, and because it is pH-balanced, will not sting when applied. Tests free for competitive animals.

For cleansing and protecting wounds, cuts, irritations and scratches. In solution, this product is antibacterial and antifungal. Safe to use around the mouth and nose.

Directions: Remove excess hair from affected area - clip if necessary. Apply liberally and if the wound requires dressing apply to the dressing. Repeat 3-4 times a day.

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It done what I bought it for

Reviewed by: Katrina Brunton

Reviewed on: 07 May 2018

Product Variant: VETERICVF 500ML


Great product it worked exceptionally well on wounds and aided quick healing

Reviewed by: C L Coulburn

Reviewed on: 27 March 2017

Product Variant: VETERICVF 120ML


Works for immediate short term relief from itching so reduces scratching

Reviewed on: 06 September 2016

Product Variant: VETERICVF 500ML


A neighbour gave me Neem Oil when she saw dog's leg was quite sore. His leg started to heal after two applications and after just over a week was perfect. Have bought this product for "insurance 2should he cut himself

Reviewed on: 26 November 2015

Product Variant: VETERICVF 120ML

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