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Vetericyn Plus VF Antimicrobial Otic Solution 90ml


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Vetericyn Plus VF Antimicrobial Otic Solution 90ml.

Flush pollutants and contaminants that cause:

  • Chronic ear infections
  • Canal inflammation
  • Itching & irrritations
  • Allergy symptoms

Safe for all animals. No known contraindications.

Vetericyn Plus VF contains sythesized hypochlorous, a molecule also produced by the animal during phagocytosis. This solution can be used on all otic tissue without harming fibroblast cells.

  •  Flush, clean, and care of irritations and wounds to the outer ear and ear canal.
  • Relieve itching, stinging, and allergies from pollutants and contaminants.
  • Promotes healthy ear environment that helps decrease chronic ear infections.
  • Helps clear ear odors.

Indications: For flushing, cleaning and caring of irritations and wounds to the outer ear and ear canal. Use to relieve itching, stinging and allergy symptoms. Helps clear ear odors. Promotes a healthy ear environment and helps to decrease contaminants and pollutants that result in chronic ear infections.

Directions for use: Fill ear canal and massage gently, allow animal to shake, wipe away excess moisture. Repeat daily or as directed by veterinarian. For combination therapy, use Vetericyn Plus VF Otic Rinse before applying other medications. Safe for use in all species an all ages. Use with damaged ear drums should be under veterinary supervision.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this ok for yeast infection

You would need to speak to a veterinary surgeon for a treatment 

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