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Vetaclean Parvo Advance Wipes (Pack of 200)

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Vetaclean Parvo Advance Wipes (Pack of 200)

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Vetaclean Parvo Advance Wipes (Pack of 200).

High level surface disinfectant wipes

High level surface disinfection wipes (200 large wipes).

Vetaclean Parvo Advance formulation - dilution 5% (1:20).

Surface cleaning and disinfection:

Kills viruses, bacteria, fungi, mycobacteria and spores.

Designed for non-surgically invasive, non-lumened devices as well as equipment and hard surfaces.

Effectiveness: Broad spectrum activity including canine parvovirus.

General properties:

Alcohol free.

Each wipe measures 200mm x 220mm and is made from a non-woven material.

Features/ Benefits:
• Unfragranced.
• Non-irritant.
• Single use.
• 2 year shelf-life.

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