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Vet-Lubigel Blue

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Vet-Lubigel Blue - Vet-Lubigel Blue

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NB: Vet Lubigel BLUE is NOT SUITABLE for A.I. procedures.

Vet-Lubigel for Animals.
Formulated to give excellent 'slip' properties for application to hands, arms or gloves prior to obstetric procedures, rectal and vaginal examinations, passage of instruments, manipulations, investigations, the passage of instruments etc. As a general lubricant in dry conditions of the foetus and genital canal during parturition.

Apply sparingly, then add water to aid spreading and enhance the "slip" effect. An aqueous colloidal gel of sodium polyacrylate, with glycerol and selected preservatives (contains Kathon CG).
Specially formulated as a multi-purpose obstetric and "sleeve" lubricant for veterinary applications.

Tested as suitable for A.I. procedures.
Designed for use in low temperatures.

Presented in translucent plastic safety bottles of 500ml with applicator tube, and 2 litre handled dispenser pack.

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