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TriMax Plus 4 in 1 Liquid 250ml

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TriMax Plus 4 in 1 Liquid 250ml

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Treatment for canker, coccidiosis, worms and external parasites (lice and mites) in racing and show pigeons.

Saves pigeon owners and breeders time in having to administer four individual treatments for the specified problems.

Directions for use: Mix 50ml in 4 litres of drinking water. Use daily for 5 days

For best results, remove drinking water night before using TriMax Plus. Repeat course advised every 10-12 weeks during the racing season or whenever symptoms are noticed.

All treatments are best avoided during the moult or if feeding young. Do not mix TriMax with other products.
Treated water not consumed within 24 hours should be disposed of safely. by spreading over droppings and treating as household waste

To reduce risk of re-infection following treatment, regular cleaning of the premises to remove pigeon excreta is advised. If symptoms persist, consult your veterinary surgeon.

Contains: Ronidazole, Amprolium, Moxidectin.

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It done what it said on the bottle


It done what it said on the bottle

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