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Tranquil E for Horses

Item Number: TRANQIL100

Tranquil E for Horses - Tranquil E for Horses

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Tranquil E for Horses.

A herbal liquid supplement which is prepared from the root of the valerian plant. Excessive high spirits can lead to control problems and cause distress and danger to both horse/pony and rider/handler. It has a natural calming effect without removing competitiveness.

A calmer based on an aqueous infusion of Valerian. Tranquil E is a natural calmer used for when spirits are excessively high and specific unmanageable conditions can lead to control problems. This calmer will naturally help calm a horse/pony without removing its 'competitive edge.'

In situations such as an activity that may cause anxiety or stress for example, transportations, schooling etc, use Tranquil E 1-2 days prior to the activity and again on the day of the activity. Horses and ponies that react to reasons such as loud noise, severe weather, sudden movement, new surroundings etc. should be given on a regular basis.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hi there Is the product usable under FEI rules? Many thanks

You would need to check with your governing body regarding this specific product. 

How much do you give your horse per day

Horse - Up to 14.2hh : Up to 20ml per day - Over 14.2hh : Up to 40ml per day. Feed for 3 weeks then take a break for 1 week before continuing use.

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This calmer really does seem to work without any side effects. The company is very helpful on the phone if you ask questions.

Reviewed on: 12 January 2019

Product Variant: TRANQIL1000

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