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The Big Cheese Rat Cage Trap

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The Big Cheese Rat Cage Trap.

For an easy way to catch rats without killing them, use the Rat Cage Trap from The Big Cheese. Suitable for use indoors and out, it can be used in homes, on farms or in commercial premises. Safe to use where children and pets are present – the trap doesn’t use any poison or snap traps – the rats are simply lured into the trap and are then caught, unable to get out again. The solid top and carrier handle makes it cage easy for transportation - once caught, take the cage at least three miles away and humanely release the live rats into the wild.

Ready-to-use cage trap that is easy to bait and set.
Informative pack design with comprehensive instructions.
Long-lasting galvanized mesh design.
Solid top with carrier handle for easy transportation.
Size: 36 x 14 x 16cm.

Remove and discard metal tie holding setting arm. Position the cage trap wherever evidence of rats or other nuisance animals is seen.
To set, push in thumb plate on door and lift open using handle at bottom.
Carefully position setting arm hook into loop on door using setting arm handle on top of cage.
Once the trap is properly set the setting arm will be in a perpendicular position and bottom of it will rest adjacent to the treadle.
Reach into the cage trap and place bait on the bait well at the centre of the treadle see bait recommendation below. We recommend using Mouse and Rat Attractant from The Big Cheese (STV163).
Captured animals can be safely transported by lifting the cage using the carrier handle.

Always wear gloves when handling traps. This prevents contact with potential contaminants. It also helps prevent the transfer of human odours onto the trap.

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