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Tapewormers for Horses

Tapewormer for horses
While it is possible to use a tapeworm antibody test to determine whether a horse has been exposed to tapeworm, there are some limitations, the test can show whether a horse has a high, medium or low intensity infection; enabling targeted treatment of horses to prevent colic. But the test is not sensitive enough to differentiate between horses that do not have tapeworm and those that have low level infection; nor will the test show how many tapeworms there are within a horse. If a horse has a low level tapeworm infection it is recommended to re-test in 3 months time, moderate to high result use a tapeworm wormer for horses.
A worm egg count may also be conducted during the spring to determine if a routine worm treatment is neccesary if this is the case Equitape containing praziquantel is the only targeted pure horse tapewormer.
If Tapeworm and regular worming is required Pramox, containing moxidectin the same drug as equest and praziquantel the same drug as Equitape, will treat more stages of worms including tapeworm, bots and the encysted redworm than any other wormer. The re-dose interval is 13 weeks for general horse wormersand 26 weeks for tapeworm.
Equimax containing ivermectin and praziquantel which will treat tapeworm for 26 weeks and other worms including bots but excluding the encysted small redwormd for 8 to 10 weeks.
Pyrantel embonate wormers such as Pyratape, Exodus and Strongid are double dose for tapeworm, this means that you have to use twice as much as you normally would for a regular worming. They will not treat bots, encysted redworm, and have a dosing interval of 4- 8 weeks a full list of horse wormers is available.

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