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Synoquin Growth

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Synoquin Growth
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Puppies grow at an incredible rate in their first 18-24 months and multiply their birth weight by an average of 60 times. As your puppy grows, the rapid growth puts pressure on their joints. Synoquin Growth could help during development, especially in certain breeds which can be prone to joint issues.

Joints are important for long term wellbeing and to support a healthy lifestyle
Aids mobility
Supports joint structure
Helps your puppy maintain an active lifestyle
Promotes healthy cartridge

What Else Can I Do?
Three key things influence the health of a dog’s joints; genetics, exercise and nutrition.
Genetics – Certain breeds are more susceptible to joint problems than others. Carry out research into your puppy’s breed to find out if there are any common problems. Speak to your vet for advice if you are thinking of getting a dog from a breed susceptible to joint problems e.g. Labradors and German Shepherds. Only ever choose a puppy from a responsible breeder.
Exercise – Keep your puppy fit and active to strengthen their muscles and joints and to keep them happy.
Nutrition – A healthy diet is important in providing your puppy with all the nutrients it requires for a healthy lifestyle and development.
Speak to your vet for further guidance.

Feeding Guidelines
Typically one tablet twice per day is advised, although your vet may advise differently for your puppy.

Chondroitin sulphate – a key nutrient for healthy cartilage and joint fluid
Glucosamine hydrochloride – one of the basic building blocks for cartilage and joint fluid
N-acetyl D-glucosamine – facilitates the action of glucosamine
Zinc – important in the metabolism of cartilage and bone
Vitamin C – a water soluble antioxidant vitamin.

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