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Switch 250ml

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Switch 250ml

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A pour-on solution formulated to aid in the control of Sweet Itch, otherwise known as Summer Seasonal Recurrent Dermatitis. Switch is a long-lasting insecticide and fly repellent which rapidly kills biting insects. It can provide up to one week’s protection from each application. Switch can be used on both horses and donkeys.

When To Use
Warmer months
Use before the start of the season to help prevent Sweet Itch developing

Switch can also be used throughout the winter, if necessary

Signs of Sweet Itch
Switch is most commonly used to combat Sweet Itch, a condition thought to affect about 5% of horses in the UK. Sweet Itch is most common in horses aged 1-5 years in the warmer months, when midges and flies are more common, although it can also occur in the winter. Once a horse has had Sweet Itch, it tends to re-occur annually for the lifetime of the animal.

Typically affected areas include; the top of the tail and back, base of mane/forelock, withers and face. Signs include:
Itching/rubbing infected areas
Hair loss
Skin thickening or discolouration
Restlessness, agitation or pacing
Excessive grooming
Scabs or crust

What Else Can I Do?
Follow the below guidelines for helping to prevent Sweet Itch:
Use well drained fields for grazing
Stable horses during periods of peak midge activity such as dawn and dusk
Use fly rugs during midge season
Use a fan in the stable
Graze on high, windy ground if possible

Application Guidelines
Apply the following amount (up to a maximum of 40ml) to areas most commonly affected such as the mane and rump. The bottle features a calibrated dispensing chamber for easy application.

Handle product with care and do not let the product come into contact with cats.

Legal category AVM-GSL

Weight Dosage
Less than 100kg 10ml
101-200kg 20ml
201-300kg 30ml
Over 300kg 40ml

Switch contains a unique formulation with Permethrin as the active ingredient at a concentration of 4%. The unique non-greasy formula also contains another insect killing/repellent ingredient Butyl Dioxitol