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Pigeon Supplements
We stock a great range of pigeon supplements ranging from our best sellers, SF50 Powder a stress formula pigeon supplement now with extra Calcium to help keep most species including dogs, cats & birds in good condition to our own brand of supplements, Hyperdrug Recovery Salts for dogs, (especially racing greyhounds) racing pigeons and most other small animals whenever necessary to aid recovery after competition or in birds with wet droppings. Check out our full range of pigion supplements below.

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Biolink Poultry Tonic

Poultry Tonic is a great pick me up for chickens in times of stress, such as heat or new birds being introduced. It has a mix of essential vitamins and electrolytes designed specifically for poultry.

Item #: POULTRYT 100ML

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Nettex Poultry Vit Boost Tonic

Nettex Poultry Vit Boost Tonic is a complimentary supplement formulated specifically for poultry that supplies essential vitamins to support health, growth and vitality all year round through the drinking water.

Item #: LIQTONIC 250ML

From £9.75 inc. VAT



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