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Supplements for Dogs

We stock a large range of supplements for dogs such as joint, probiotics, herbal and disgestive supplements. As well as dog supplements for anxiety and stress and supplements for dogs skin and coat.



Supplements for Dogs Best Sellers

EasiVet SF-50 Powder

SF50 Powder contains a comprehensive range of vitamins minerals & trace elements including Calcium, Vitamins A,B,D,E as well as copper and Iron to ensure a healthy and active life.

Item #: SF50

From £9.95 inc. VAT

Oralade GI Support Oral Rehydration Fluid 500ml

Oralade GI Support Rehydration Fluid 500ml Highly palatable isotonic formula for dogs & cats containing amino acids, carbohydrates, prebiotics and essential electrolytes in purified water.


From £6.19 inc. VAT

Fibor 500g

Fibor for dogs/cats has a unique combination of ingredients including five different natural sources of fibre and kiwi fruit which support the digestive tract and promote healthy digestion.

Item #: FIBOR

From £20.29 inc. VAT

Calciboost Liquid 500ml

New Improved Formula. Soluble Calcium & vitamins formulla for rapid absorption. For dogs and puppies and racing pigeons.

Item #: CALCIB5

From £12.99 inc. VAT

Protexin Pro-Kolin for Dogs & Cats

Protexin Pro-Kolin + for Dogs & Cats. Maintains digestive efficiency by restoring the microflora and soothing the gut lining.


From £9.99 inc. VAT

Protexin Cobalaplex Capsules (pack of 60)

Cobalaplex has been designed to help support normal serum cobalamin (vitamin B12) and folate (vitamin B9) levels in dogs and cats, helping them to enjoy a happy, healthy life.


From £15.19 inc. VAT

Liquivite Dog

Liquid food for dogs. Ideal during recovery from illness, injury or surgery.


From £2.25 inc. VAT

Protexin Synbiotic DC for Dogs & Cats (pack of 50)

Protexin Synbiotic DC for Dogs & Cats (pack of 50). A highly concentrated prebiotic and probiotic capsule to rapidly restore the microflora in the gut.


From £18.15 inc. VAT