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Super Supplement Hydra-Lyte 1L

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Super Supplement Hydra-Lyte is a special apple-flavoured liquid formulation containing glucose and essential electrolytes for rapid absoption into the body. Super Codlivine Hydra-Lyte helps the rapid replacement of the essential salts and water lost during exercise and competition.

Super Supplement Hydra-Lyte contains water, glucose, glycine and minerals.

Analysis per litre
Sodium 21g
Chloride 33g
Phosphorus 5g
Potassium 7.5g
Glucose 280g
Glycine 39g
Water 620ml

Directions for use
Simply remove the cap above the graduated measuring chamber, squeeze the pack until the required amount has entered the measuring chamber, and pour the Super Supplement Hydra-Lyte into the required amount of drinking water.

Normal Exercise
Ponies up to 300kg: 40ml added to at least 3L of fresh drinking water.
Horses up to 650kg: 75ml added to at least 4L of fresh drinking water.

Heavy Exercise
Ponies up to 300kg: 80ml added to at least 6L of fresh drinking water.
Horses up to 650kg: 150ml added to at least 8L of fresh drinking water.

Always ensure fresh drinking water is available alongside water containing Super Supplement Hydra-Lyte.

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