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Super Solvitax R-A Formula 4L

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Super Solvitax R-A Formula contains a unique blend of selected fish and vegetable oils, which are rich in EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid) and DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid).

Research indicates that a regular intake of these two nutrients will help maintain pain-free, supple and mobile joints in horses and ponies. EPA and DHA have also been identified as helping to maintain a healthy heart and good circulation.

Solvitax have over 70 years’ experience in refining high-specification blends of oils, and Super Solvitax R-A Formula has been specially formulated to contain Vitamin E, an essential antioxidant, to preserve EPA and DHA in the body.

Regular use of Super Solvitax R-A Formula will help ensure your horse or pony receives all the goodness he deserves to lead a healthy, active life. It is not only suitable for active horses but also for any horse or pony who needs to maintain his mobility, fitness and condition.

Daily Recommendations
The measuring cap will measure in multiples of 15ml.

Ponies (up to 200kg).......................................*40ml-**60ml (2-3 tablespoons)
Small Horses (200kg-450kg)...........................*60ml-**80ml (3-4 tablespoons)
Medium Horses (450kg-600kg).......................*80ml-**100ml (4-5 tablespoons)
Large Horses (600kg and over)........................*100ml-**120ml (5-6 tablespoons)

*The lower amount is for general maintenance.
**The higher amount is for pregant/lactating mares and breeding stallions.

N.B. If Super Solvitax Pure Cod Liver Oil is also being used, then reduce the amount of that by half and maintain the above feeding recommendations. The above levels can be maintained if Super Solvitax Herbal Oils are being used.

Farm Animals
Pigs, poultry, calves, beef cattle, cows and bulls: mix 1 Litre (2 pints) per 50kg (1 cwt) of feed. Sheep: mix 1 Litre (2 pints) per 100kg (2 cwt) of feed.

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Good result.n super solvitax RA

Reviewed by: Pauline Hoy

Reviewed on: 17 January 2017

Product Variant: SUP9001462


Good value but too early to say what the benefits will be

Reviewed on: 11 June 2014

Product Variant: SUP9001462

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