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Strikeback Flea Killing Foggers (pack of 2)

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Sale Strikeback Flea Killing Foggers (pack of 2)

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The Strikeback Flea Killing Fogger is supplied in a 2-pack, as a minimum of two are often needed to treat a room. Foggers simply fill a room with an insecticidal smoke that fleas cannot avoid, providing the perfect way to achieve an immediate control of fleas.

Strikeback Flea Killing Fogger smoke is light and distributes evenly throughout a room far more effectively than aerosol foggers, which project a heavy water based mist that falls quickly onto the floor.

Contains: Permethrin 13.25% w/w

Always read the label and product information before use.

Use biocides safely.

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I use these foggers twice a year to make sure the house is clear of fleas and there eggs

Reviewed on: 28 September 2020

Product Variant: STRIKFOG

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