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Soleve Sunburn Relief Lotion 100ml

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Soleve Sunburn Relief Lotion 100ml

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If you’ve been unfortunate enough to get sunburnt, Soleve lotion combines two active ingredients to deliver effective relief right where it’s needed: an effective analgesic, ibuprofen, and an emollient, isopropyl myristate.

Ibuprofen is a well-known Non-Steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drug (NSAID) that is a powerful painkiller and reduces inflammation. Soleve is specially designed to deliver therapeutic levels of ibuprofen directly into sunburnt skin – precisely where it is needed.
Isopropyl myristate, is an emollient which effectively soothes and moisturises the skin by trapping water. Rehydration of sunburnt skin is very important to promote the normal healing process and to make the skin feel more comfortable by reducing both the skin tightness of sunburn and the frictional irritation between sunburnt skin and clothing.

Soleve is recommended for adults and children over the age of 12 years, to relieve the pain and soreness of mild to moderate sunburn.

Soleve is not suitable for everyone, and it is important always to read the product’s Patient Information Leaflet carefully.

Soleve is NOT suitable in the following circumstances:

People with severe sunburn – e.g. blistered skin, intense pain, intolerance of any contact with clothing, fever, chills, feeling sick and extreme exhaustion or lack of energy.
If more than 20% of an adult’s body surface area, or 10% of a child’s body surface area is sunburned.
Babies or children under the age of 12 years with any type of sunburn.
People whose sunburn has worsened or persisted for more than 2 to 3 days.
People with severe dehydration and/or heat stroke who need urgent medical attention – e.g. high temperature, confused or weak, or having convulsions (fits).
If you are pregnant or breast-feeding.
If you are suffering from any of the symptoms above, you should see a doctor.