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Sheep Wormer

We stock a wide range of effective sheep wormers from drenches for effective and easy oral dosing to sheep wormer injection. We also stock dosing and injection guns. Check out our full range below. It is important to use the correct product for intended purpose. For further information on sheep worm and fluke treatments click here. For cattle treatments click here. If you need any futher help or advice please contact us.



Sheep Wormer Best Sellers

Easijector for pigeon vaccines

An easy way to ensure accurate dosage of vaccines and other injectable products.


From £29.99 inc. VAT

Zoetis Sheep Drench Applicator 15ml for use with Cydectin, Triclamox & Zermex

Zoetis Sheep Drench Applicator 15ml for use with Cydectin, Triclamox & Zermex. Includes delivery tube.


From £25.99 inc. VAT

Solantel Drenching Gun 15ml

15ml Drench gun for use with Solantel Oral Solution.


From £22.99 inc. VAT

Drencher 30ml (for use with Panacur, Noromectin etc)

30ml plastic drencher for sheep drenches.


From £28.35 inc. VAT

Oramec Drench Gun

Oramec Drench Gun. For the administration of Oramec drench.


From £21.99 inc. VAT

Simcro Crovect Pour On Gun 20ml

Crovect is administered by means of this pour-on gun.


From £46.35 inc. VAT

Zoetis Sheep Injector 5ml

Box contains 5ml automatic injector. Applicator for cydectin 2% LA for sheep.

Item #: CYDINJ2

From £16.79 inc. VAT

Zoetis Sheep Injector 2ml

Box contains an automatic injector, 2 x 1/2" x 18 gauge needles and draw off assembly. For use with Zermex 1% and Cydectin 1% injection for sheep.

Item #: CYDINJ

From £16.79 inc. VAT