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Science Supplements Gut Balancer for horses

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Science Supplements Gut Balancer for horses - Science Supplements Gut Balancer for horses
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Science Supplements Gut Balancer for horses.

Gut Balancer contains a specially protected live yeast which ensures that high enough numbers of live yeast cells reach the hindgut to beneficially influence hindgut function. The rate at which it is fed also delivers the highest amount of yeast compared to any other product on the market ensuring it is highly and rapidly effective. Gut Balancer also contains a source of mannanoligosaccharide (MOS) and betaglucans, which help stimulate the growth of good bacteria and bind mycotoxins produced by fungal contamination of feed. In two studies, results were seen in just 7 days.

Hindgut disturbance in horses can lead to serious problems if not managed effectively. Unlike us, horses rely heavily on fermentation by a number of different species of bacteria to digest plant material in the large intestine. Changes in diet, stress and exercise can lead to imbalances between the different species of bacteria, which in turn can upset the environment in the hindgut and cause overgrowth of bad bacteria. Fungal toxins (mycotoxins) which are common feed contaminants, but difficult or impossible to detect without laboratory testing, can lead to growth impairment, poor condition, poor health and poor performance.

Gut Balancer contains a protected live yeast of the species Saccharomyces cerevisiae. The yeast inside each granule is protected from acidity, heat and moisture by a layer of dead yeast cells which enhances stability meaning that more yeast cells reach the hindgut alive. Micro-organisms such as yeast which have a beneficial effect on health when eaten are often referred to as probiotics; when translated this means literally “for life”. In the hindgut, probiotics such as specific species of yeasts if fed in sufficient amounts, and in a formulation that ensure they survive the conditions in the stomach and small intestines, can influence the balance between good and bad bacterial species. By using our unique protection system, we ensure the optimum level of live yeast reaches the hindgut without being affected by the conditions above. The benefits include stabilisation of the conditions in the large intestine resulting in the stimulation of natural fermentative activity, improving fibre digestion helping to realise and unlock potential from forages such as hay and haylage and aid the efficiency of digestion.

Gut Balancer should be fed on a daily basis to help support a healthy Gastrointestinal (GI) tract and to help support gut health and aid digestion. It is also ideal for older horses, poor doers and horses and ponies that lose condition at any time of year. Gut Balancer may also be fed to horses or ponies with GI disturbance and at times of increased risk of GI disturbance such as increased stress, travelling, competition, change of yard or a change in hay or feed etc.

Level 25ml (21g) scoops per day. (providing 20g live yeast equivalent to 2.1 x 1011 cfu and 1g yeast cell walls MOS and betaglucans)

Maintenance – to support GI health:

Pony (approximately 250kg) 1
Horse (approximately 500kg) 1
Large Horse (approximately 750kg) 2
For horses with loose droppings, poor condition, weight loss etc. Scoops per day for 7 days*:

Pony (approximately 250kg) 2
Horse (approximately 500kg) 2
Large Horse (approximately 750kg) 3
*If after 3 days droppings are still loose, then double the feeding rate for a further 3 days. Reduce to the maintenance rate after 7 days.



Optimum levels of protected live yeast
Supports gut health & aids digestion
Stimulates the growth of good bacteria
1.3kg tub gives 2 months supply
Results seen in as little as seven days

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Changed to Science Supplements following use of another well known gut supplement brand. Very happy with the results and cost effective.

Reviewed by: Jessica

Reviewed on: 08 May 2018

Product Variant: SCIENSGB 13KG

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