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Rotaboost 5000 200g

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Rotaboost 5000 200g

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Rotaboost 5000 200g .

YBS supplement to prevent or aid recovery in young birds retaining food or fluid in crops or vomiting.

Use:- two teaspoons to a gallon of water for 3 days as soon as the birds are weaned. Repeat every six weeks. To aid recovery particularly if birds vomit or retain feed or fluid in crops se as above for 4 - 5 days.

Will also aid recovery from "wet droppings" in birds of all ages. Withdraw other food for two day & gradually introduce a depurative diet. A course of "Megacox" or "Easicox"for coccidiosis is useful 1 - 2 weeks later as disease this will attack birds already weakened by viral infections.