Resco Guillotine Nail Clippers For Large Dogs

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  • Resco Guillotine Nail Clippers For Large Dogs

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Resco Guillotine Nail Clippers for large dogs.

These nail clippers are precise tools. They give a very clean cut as they cut from one side only.

Guillotine dog nail clippers have the advantage of changeable blades. You can easily remove the blades to sharpen them or replace them with new ones. This is very important as a blunt guillotine will cause pain and damage your dog’s nails.

There is no safety guard to guide the amount of nail cut off, but as the nail is inserted into a ringlet before cutting, you can easily see how much of the nail will be trimmed. 

The slicing action of guillotine clippers makes it possible to shave of very thin slices of nail at a time. A plus if you can’t see the quick by looking at the outside of the nail.

Once the dog nail is in the ringlet, it can be held in place by lightly pressing down the blade. Having secured the positioning this way, you then make the actual cut with a smooth swift squeeze of the handles.

Guillotine clippers are available for small to large size dog nails. However, pliers type clippers usually work better on large sturdy dog nails and is a must on rounded dew claws.

Guillotine clippers are the easiest tool to use if you prefer to cut the nail standing in front of your dog.