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Reprodis High Level Instrument Disinfectant 2L

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Reprodis High Level Instrument Disinfectant 2L

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Reprodis High Level Instrument Disinfectant 2L.

Reprodis HLD is a new class of High Level Instrument Disinfectant which combines secure microbioligical credentials with safety in use and a comparatively rapid activity for the chemical reprocessing of surgical instruments, flexible or rigid endoscopes and devices.

Reprodis HLD is suitable for veterinary use for the high level disinfection of surgical instruments at a dilution of 1:20.

Reprodis HLD disinfects and sterilises in 10 minutes. It is primarily designed for open tank use but its unique flexibility also renders it suitable for other apparatus including ultrasonic baths.

Reprodis HLD is available as a 2 litre concentrate with built in self dosing measure chamber. Prepared Reprodis HLD solution should remain active for 7 days. A test kit is available to ensure the prepared solution maintains the necessary efficacy.

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