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Recovery Salts Canine & Pigeon Electrolyte 100g

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Recovery Salts Canine & Pigeon Electrolyte 100g

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Unique highly palatable electrolyte, vitamin and carbohydrate formula.

For all breeds of dogs especially working, racing and show dogs and pigeons to help put back in what exercise takes out. Also helps recovery from stressful conditions and non-infectious diarrhoea.

Useage Dogs:
Dissolve 1 teaspoonful in four pints of water and use to replace drinking water whenever necessary.

Usage Pigeon:
Add 10ml (2 tsp) to every gallon of water whenever necessary.  Mix fresh solution every day.  Ideal for use after racing or where there are wet droppings.

NB If an animal fails to drink consult your veterinary surgeon at once as intravenous rehydration may be needed.