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Provimilk Shepherdess Replacement Lamb Milk 20kg

Item Number: SHEP20

Provimilk Shepherdess Replacement Lamb Milk 20kg

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20kg SCA Shepherdess Lamb Milk Replacer

The ProviMilk Lamb Range has been developed with both you and your lambs in mind; products are easy to mix, simple to feed and contain a distinctive flavouring to ensure they are highly palatable and maximise feed intake in young lambs.

ProviMilk lamb milk replacers are:
Formulated to match the nutritional profile of ewe’s milk and meet all the nutritional
requirements of the lamb.
Easily mixed and stay in suspension assuring consistent balanced nutrient intake.
Fortified with highly digestible milk proteins for optimum growth, development and
High in available energy for the lamb through a balanced blend of emulsified fats and
oils providing optimal fat digestibility.
Antioxidants to promote health and immune function.
Fortified with trace elements and vitamins to meet the requirements of rapidly developing young lambs

ProviMilk Shepherdess
Whey based for cost-effective rearing
23.5 % crude protein, 24% fat
Contains NuStart, a natural gut conditioner
Suitable for all rearing systems; machine, bucket and
bottle feeding
Available in a machine grade version
Available in 5kg,10kg and 20kg bags

Mixing instructions for lamb milk replacers
Mix 200 grams of milk powder into 800 millilitres of water to make 1 litre of ready to feed milk. The optimal drinking temperature is 40 to 42°C. Milk needs to be fed out straight after preparation.

Feeding instructions for ProviMilk lamb milk replacers
1 Take two-thirds of the required amount of water at a temperature of 55°C.
2 Add milk powder to this water and mix thoroughly.
3 Add the remaining water cold and mix thoroughly.

For other species please refer to the Multimilk packaging.

Frequently Asked Questions

would this be suitable for piglets

No, we would recommend the Volac Faramate

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Reviewed on: 09 April 2014

Product Variant: SHEP20

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