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ProRange GrowthXCell 2kg

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A specially formulated supplement which provides the finest blend of micro-nutrients for the development and success of future winners.

For optimum growth and development

It is essential that youngstock have the best start in life to ensure that they develop into strong, athletic, performance horses.  One way that the breeder can ensure this is by providing a carefully balanced, high specification diet during the developmental stages, to encourage sound conformation with an optimum growth rate.

GrowthXcell is a specially formulated supplement which provides the finest blend of micronutrients for the development and success of future winners. It contains the optimum balance of calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D3 for the support of bone building and strength, combined with MSM and glucosamine to aid in the development of healthy joints. Essential amino acids, vitamins and bio-available trace elements support growth and muscle development.

GrowthXcell may be fed to broodmares during pregnancy and is highly recommended for all youngstock from weanlings to three years.

Key benefits of GrowthXxell:
Chelated calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D3 provide the right balance of minerals to support development of a strong skeletal system.
Copper; chelated for maximum absorption. Copper is an essential nutrient for young horses due to its role in the development of healthy joints, ligaments and tendons.
Sodium and chelated magnesium to support a healthy functioning nervous system.
Glucosamine & MSM help to maintain the development of healthy cartilage and joint fluid by providing essential nutrients during growth.
Amino acids, vitamins and chelated trace elements to provide a fully fortified stud balancer.
Dried herbs, live yeast and omega 3 oils fortify the diet to maintain optimum health and wellbeing.

Suitable for:
All breeding stock, including youngstock and broodmares.

Feeding guidelines:
There is no initial loading rate with this product. Mix with a damp feed, gradually building up to the required rate over seven days.

Daily rate:
Horses: youngstock: 1 scoop
Horses: broodmares: 1.5 scoops
Ponies: youngstock: 1/2 scoop
Ponies: broodmares: 3/4 scoop
This can be divided between feeds if preferred. Includes a 60ml scoop

Days supply:
2Kg will last one horse 33 days.

Prohibited substances:
This product is BETA NOPS approved.

Calcium carbonate, mono-sodium phosphate, sodium chloride , magnesium phosphate, linseed oil, methyl sulphonyl methane, potassium amino acid chelate, magnesium amino acid chelate.

Phosphorus 6.00%, Calcium 11.20%, Sodium 8.31%

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