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Program flea Tablets for Dogs

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Program flea Tablets for Dogs - Program flea Tablets for Dogs

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Program tablets for the prevention and lasting control of flea infestation and the treatment of flea allergic dermatitis in dogs. Program is effective against the dominant flea species Ctenocephalides felis and C. canis.

Program tablets can be administered to all dogs including pregnant bitches and puppies taking solid food.

Recommended monthly dosage
Dogs 2.3kg - 6.7kg: 1 x 67.8mg tablet
Dogs 6.8kg - 20kg: 1 x 204.9mg tablet
Dogs 21kg - 40kg : 1 x 409.8mg tablet
Dogs 41kg - 80kg: 2 x 409.8mg tablets

To be fully effective the tablets must be administered together with food, eg, added into a portion of the daily food, hidden in pieces of meat, etc or administered by mouth after feeding. After administration, the dog should be watched for several minutes to ensure that the whole dose has been swallowed.

To prevent flea infestations Program should be administered at monthly intervals for at least six months during the flea season, starting two months before fleas become active.

If the dog is already infested with fleas, no viable flea eggs are produced from 24 hours after the first administration. The speed of elimination of a pre-existing infestation is dependent upon the number of flea larvae and pupae in the environment when treatment starts and the climatic conditions. For best results use in conjunction with a household flea spray.

If dogs have a high level of flea infestation at the start of the treatment, it may be necessary to administer a flea adulticide during the first one to two months. In cases of severe hypersensitivity further use of an adulticide may be needed.

It is essential that all dogs and all cats (except unweaned puppies and kittens) living in a household are treated with Program to stop flea reproduction.

For cats, use Program suspension.

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