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Prellim Injection

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Indicated for the synchronisation or induction of oestrus and the induction of parturition in cattle. Also indicated for use in ovarian dysfunction (persistent corpus luteum, luteal cysts), interruption of pregnancy including foetal mummification, endometritis/pyometra and delayed uterine involution.

Indicated for the induction of parturition in pigs.

Dosage and administration

For intramuscular use.

Cattle: The recommended dose is 0.150 mg d-cloprostenol per animal, equivalent to 2 ml per animal.

•Oestrus induction (also in cows with weak or silent heat): After determining the presence of corpus luteum (day 6-18 of the cycle), administer the product. Heat is generally observed in 48-60 hours. Inseminate 72-96 hours after this treatment. If heat is not observed, repeat after 11 days.

•Parturition induction: Administer the product after day 270 of gestation. Parturition should occur 30-60 hours post-treatment.

•Oestrus synchronisation: Administer the product twice (11 days apart). Inseminate artificially at 72 and 96 hours after the second injection.

•Ovarian dysfunction: Once the presence of corpus luteum is determined, administer the product and inseminate in the first heat after the treatment. If no heat is observed, carry out a gynaecological examination again and repeat the injection 11 days after the first treatment. Inseminate at 72-96 hours post-treatment.

•Endometritis or pyometra: Administer 1 dose of the product. Repeat the treatment 10-11 days later if necessary.

•Gestation interruption: Administer the product during the first half of gestation.

•Foetal mummification: Administer 1 dose of product. The foetus will be expelled after 3 or 4 days.

•Retarded uterine involution: Administer 1 dose of the product and, if indicated, repeat the treatment once or twice at 24 hour interval.

Pigs: The recommended dose is 0.075 mg d-cloprostenol per animal, equivalent to 1 ml per animal.

•Parturition induction: Administer the product after day 112 of gestation. Repeat after 6 hours. Alternatively, 20 hours after the initial dose of d-cloprostenol, a myometrial stimulant (oxytocin or carazolol) may be administered. Following the protocol of double administration, in about 70% of cases, parturition occurs 20-30 hours after the first treatment.

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PRELLIM 5X20ML: Data Sheet

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