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PolyVar Yellow 275mg Bee-Hive Strips (pack of 10)

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Sale PolyVar Yellow 275mg Bee-Hive Strips (pack of 10)
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For the treatment of varroosis in honey bees caused by flumethrin sensitive Varroa destructor mites.

One bee-hive strip contains:
Active substance:
Flumethrin  275 mg
Yellow, plastic strips with 15 holes

For the treatment of varroosis in honey bees caused by flumethrin sensitive Varroa destructor mites.

In-hive use. Use at the bee-hive entrance as a gate.
Use two strips per standard bee-hive.

All colonies located on the same apiary should be treated simultaneously.
The product should be used as part of an integrated varroa control programme.
As an effective method to reduce the risk of resistance selection PolyVar Yellow - as for other acaricides - should not be used in consecutive years. Instead, strict rotation with products containing active substances from other chemical classes should be applied. Depending on the regional resistance situation a longer treatment break than one year may be necessary. As flumethrin and tau-fluvalinate belong to the same class they are not suitable for rotation with each other.
Inappropriate use of the product could result in an increased risk of resistance development and could ultimately result in ineffective therapy and colony losses.

In general, it is recommended to test acaricide susceptibility at a regional level, e.g. by bioassays or molecular analysis (PCR). In the case of existing resistance to pyrethroids PolyVar Yellow should not be applied. Where resistance to pyrethroids has been seen in the past, retesting of the current status of the colony should be considered as reversion to susceptibility can occur over several years.

Flight activity is necessary for exposure to the active substance. In case of prolonged periods of low flight activity, e.g. due to unfavourable weather conditions efficacy may be reduced.

Success of treatment should be monitored with established standard tests like continuous monitoring of natural mite fall using a sticky insert tray, or assessing mite load per 100 bees to determine whether a winter treatment e.g. with oxalic acid is required.

Do not re-use bee-hive strip.

Special precautions for use in animals

After installation of the product bees may form clusters at the hive entrance for a couple of hours during adjustment.
Adequate ventilation of the hive should be ensured during high temperatures.
Polyvar Yellow has not been tested during periods of extremely hot weather. The product may impact hive ventilation to a similar extent as standard hive entrance reducers and thus should be temporarily removed if considered necessary.

Special precautions to be taken by the person administering the veterinary medicinal product to animals

Keep the bag with the bee-hive strips in the outer packaging until use.
Wash hands with cold water after fitting the bee-hive strips.

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