PetFlex Cohesive Bandage - No Chew print

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  • 5cm

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PetFlex Cohesive Bandage - No Chew print - 5cm. A bandage that is bitter tasting to discourage your dog from biting and chewing.

These PetFlex bitter bandages are safe for you and your pet, however they may leave a bitter residue on your hands after use, so wearing gloves and washing hands thoroughly after application is recommended. No Chew PetFlex contains bitterants that have been tested on and found safe to use on domestic animals.

Extra soft for extra comfort
• Extra strong for extra support - woven fabric
• Cohesive – no clips needed. Will not stick to fur, skin or hair
• Provides controlled compression with non-slip support to secure and protect primary dressings from dirt and moisture
• Sweat and water-resistant
• Maintains original size and will not shrink on the roll or on the animal