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Pet + Me Dog Brush For Long Hair

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Sale Pet + Me Dog Brush For Long Hair

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Made from 100% high quality silicone, completely free of harmful chemicals with no metal parts, it was developed and designed in Switzerland by a team of experienced pet specialists. The species appropriate designs insure long-haired pets, whether dogs or cats, will not cause the knobbed bristles to bend. Using firm pressure, with its? massaging effect, helps stimulate blood circulation to the skin and even the most delicate pet will enjoy being brushed.

The knobs or massage side can be used for optimal hair removal and for removing scale.
Dogs have sebaceous glands at the hair roots. When the upper layer of excess sebum dries and hardens, scale forms an unpleasantly smelling layer. This layer can often cause an irritating itch that causes the dog to scratch. Massage stimulates blood circulation to the skin as well as mechanically removing the scale and providing comfort to your pet. When the brush is covered in white scale, always wash it well before reuse.

Simple to clean
Cleaning Pet+Me is easy, simply hold under running water and rinse. For optimal removal of excess sebum, use washing liquid or toss into a washing machine or dishwasher. These durable brushes come out looking like new and are guaranteed for a long life of service. The silicone material attracts dust and allergens that might otherwise become airborne. Regular brushing twice a week can help control allergens that can then easily be washed away.

Wet Applications
When the silicone is wet, the brush glides easily through the coat and provides a for the removal
of hair.

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Gave this as a gift to my friends with a Japanese Shiba Inu. The dog seems to love being massaged and groomed with it and it has helped to reduce her body odour.

Reviewed by: June

Reviewed on: 14 July 2016

Product Variant: PETMEDOGL

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