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Panacur Liquid 10%

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Panacur Liquid 10% - Panacur Liquid 10%

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PANACUR LIQUID 10% contains Fenbendazole one of the benzimidazole family of wormers. As with all Panacur wormers this will treat large and small redworms.ascarids etc including intestinal larvae and eggs.It does not treat tapeworm nor Bots. Panacur Liquid is unflavoured and suitable for the few horses disliking Panacur Equine Guard..An economical wormer for the larger establishment as one litre will treat around 26 average horses. If tapeworm cover is needed a double dose of Pyrantel (Pyratape P or Strongid P) may be given at the beginning and end of the grazing season. Bots will require either Ivermectin or moxidectin around Christmas and encysted small redworm a 5 day Panacur course MAY BE GIVEN TO BROOD MARES PACKS AVAILABLE 1 LITRE 2 LITRES 5 LITRES 10 LITRES

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