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Panacur 10% 100ml for dogs, cats, puppies, & kittens

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Panacur 10% 100ml for dogs, cats, puppies, & kittens

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Dose 1ml per kg (2.2lb) for adult dogs and cats pack treats 100kg

This wormer is suitable for pregnant bitches and puppies proven safety for over 35 years

A small dose from day 40 in pregnant bitches can reduce infection in puppies by 98%

Panacur is suitable for both cats and dogs, including unweaned puppies and kittens from two weeks of age. Repeat worming at 5, 8 and 12 weeks of age

Recommended dose for animals up to 12 weeks of ages is HALF the adult dose for their weight but repeated daily for 3 days and given every three weeks

It is good practice to worm the bitch or queen a the same intervals as the puppies and kittens

An untreated pup or kitten will shed literally millions of infective eggs which are a hazard to other animals and children

Safeguards children from Toxocara (Roundworm) infection which can lead to blindness- ask your optician

It is effective against many round, hook and tapeworms Such as Toxocara, Toxascaris, Anyclostma, Trichuris, Uncinaria, and Taenia species., and Giardia infections in dogs, and lungworm in both cats and dogs in accordance with the instructions provided.

The only licensed treatment of Giardia use with appropriate dosage levels

Read More in the Panacur Dosage Leaflet

Data Sheets

PANL1: Data Sheet

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it last one opened

Shelf-life after first opening of the immediate packaging: the product will remain stable for up to 3 months.

Does Panacur liquid treat giardia?

For the treatment of clinical worm infestations in adult dogs and cats or Giardia spp. infections in dogs, administer 1 ml per 2 kg body weight daily for 3 consecutive days.

Does it come with a wormer syringe

This is supplied with a measuring cup, although we do sell different size syringes if you find this easier. 

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Better bet than tablets for our greyhound

Reviewed by: Polly Batcheler

Reviewed on: 06 October 2020

Product Variant: PANL1


One of my little dogs won't take tablets so I purchased liquid Panacur which has been so much easier to use.

Reviewed by: Janet Fretwell

Reviewed on: 28 September 2020

Product Variant: PANL1


usato sul mio cane,non ancora sui miei gatti

Reviewed on: 28 September 2020

Product Variant: PANL1


excellent product for pregnant bitches and easy to give

Reviewed on: 28 September 2020

Product Variant: PANL1

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