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Nutrition for Veteran Horses

Supplements for Older Horses
We stock a range of supplements for older horses from our best selling Four Oils, for the maintenance of healthy joints in older animals, to NAF In The Pink Senior, a carefully-balanced supplement formulated to keep the veteran horses fit, healthy and in the pink. Please check out our full range below.

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NAF Veteran Supplement

A complimentary feeding stuff for older horses, this is a comprehensive supplement designed to provide all the requirements of the older horse, containing vitamins, minerals, yeast and probiotics for digestion and conditioning and organic sulphur for joint integrity.

Item #: VETERAN15 15KG

From £23.85 inc. VAT

Audevard Harpagyl Nutritional Supplement for Horses

Harpagyl Nutritional Supplement for Horses. A complementary feed designed to provide nutritional support to meet the increased musculoskeletal needs of active and older horses.

Item #: HARPAGYL 450G

From £23.55 inc. VAT

Hilton Herbs Cush X Support Formula - Hilton Herbs Cush X

Clinically trialled and tested supportive formula, to maintain a balanced endocrine system in horses and ponies of all ages.

Item #: CUSHX 1KG

From £31.09 inc. VAT

Global Herbs Veteran Plus

A dynamic first class combination of herb extracts maintaining peak condition in all horses and ponies over 16 years of age.


From £30.75 inc. VAT

NAF Go Sound 1L

For total relief when horses need it, this is the natural way to provide comfort to horses or ponies needing additional support.


From £29.99 inc. VAT


To assist with the management of horses who have suffered from Cushing's Syndrome. It will help maintain the immune system, appetite and digestion and supply vital vitamins and nutrients.

Item #: CUSHAID 1L

From £20.25 inc. VAT

Wendals Old Timer 1kg

Wendals Old Timer 1kg. This blend is formulated to help with movement, digestion and to aid the all round well being of the older horse.


From £22.95 inc. VAT

Hilton Herbs Senior Horse

Senior Horse is a dry supplement containing herbs such as hawthorn, meadowsweet and burdock and is ideal to give to the veteran horse or pony.


From £23.29 inc. VAT

Hilton Herbs Senior Horse Gold

Senior Horse Gold is a fast absorbing liquid supplement containing herbs such as hawthorn, meadowsweet and burdock and is ideal to give to the veteran horse, pony or donkey.


From £27.29 inc. VAT

Wendals Weight Gain for Horses 1kg

Wendals Weight Gain for Horses 1kg. An effective and powerful weight gainer which promotes optimal growth in both younger horses and post-operative horses.

Item #: WENDWG

From £22.95 inc. VAT

Equine Gold

Equine Gold is a unique live yeast daily feed supplement scientifically proven to promote and maintain condition.

Item #: EQUINEG 750G

From £27.49 inc. VAT



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