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Nettex Lamb Colostrum 2.5kg (100 lamb pack)

Item Number: COLOSTFL25

Nettex Lamb Colostrum 2.5kg (100 lamb pack)

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Lamb Colostrum
An easy mix colostrum blend.

Formulated for  new-born lambs to provide nutritional, energy and health support when no or insufficient maternal colostrum is available.  Lamb colostrum provides energy protein and probiotics to support health and growth.

All Nettex colostrums are made from natural, full fat colostrum sourced exclusively from TB & EBL free UK herds meaning it is highly complementary to UK farm environments.

Contains: Concentrated bovine colostrum (from EBL & TB free herds), Whey protein powder, Coconut oil, Hydrolysed wheat protein, Egg protein

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Reviewed on: 28 March 2019

Product Variant: COLOSTFL25

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