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NAF Oilovite

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A broad spectrum vitamin and mineral supplement, blended with soya, linseed and hemp oils for general health and a glossy coat. Modern grazing tends to be limited in species of herbs, grasses and legumes, therefore there is a danger some essential nutrients for general health are deficient in the diet. In addition, vitamins and minerals are frequently lost in the processing of preserved forage and concentrate feed. Lastly, some soils can be deficient in micro nutrients. Oilovite provides an economical supply of vitamins, minerals, trace elements and amino acids needed in every physiological pathway, including bone and tissue growth and repair. The formula contains essential amino acids which the horse cannot synthesise himself and which are required for protein metabolism. A blend of soya, linseed and hemp oil is included to naturally support condition and shine.

Wheat feed, Soyabean oil (12.5 % from GM soyabeans), Cane molasses, Calcium carbonate, Brewers' yeast, Maize, Sodium chloride, Dicalcium phosphate, Lignocellulose, Linseed oil (2.6%), Potato protein, Whey protein powder, Glycerine, Maize cobs, Hemp oil (0.4%), Whey powder, Magnesium oxide.

Additives (per kg)
Amino acids
dl-Methionine 3c301  4,380 mg
l-Lysine monohydrochloride 3.2.3  11,800 mg
l-Tryptophan 3c440  415 mg

Trace Elements
Calcium iodate, anhydrous 3b202 (17.20 mg) 11.10 mg Iodine
Cupric sulphate, pentahydrate 3b405 (8,980 mg) 2,270 mg Copper
Ferrous sulphate, monohydrate 3b103 (4,580 mg) 1,370 mg Iron
Manganous oxide 3b502 (1,380 mg) 854 mg Manganese
Selenised yeast inactivated 3b8.10 (1,470 mg) 3.38 mg Selenium
Sodium selenite E8 (0.44 mg) 0.20 mg Selenium
Zinc oxide 3b603 (2,680 mg) 1,930 mg Zinc

Biotin 3a880  15.50 mg
Calcium-D-pantothenate 3a841  417 mg
Choline chloride 3a890  1,650 mg
Folic acid 3a316  79.30 mg
Niacinamide 3a315  488 mg
Vitamin A 3a672a  139,900 I.U.
Vitamin B1 3a821  261 mg
Vitamin B12   1,420 ?g
Vitamin B2   169 mg
Vitamin B6   30.20 mg
Vitamin D3 3a671  24,500 I.U.
Vitamin E 3a700  5,830 I.U.
Vitamin K3 3a711  92 mg

Analytical Constituents
Crude protein 11.6%
Crude fats and oils 15.9%
Crude ash 25.4%
Crude fibre 5.3%
Acid insoluble ash 3.4%
Sodium 2.7%

Feed Oilovite to provide the daily requirements of essential vitamins and minerals, with the addition of Soya, Linseed and Hemp oils for healthy skin and a glossy coat
Horses & Ponies g per day scoops per day
600kg + 90 3
400kg - 600kg 60 2
600kg + 45 1.5
400kg - 600kg 30 1

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