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NAF General Purpose Supplement

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NAF General Purpose Supplement - NAF General Purpose Supplement

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A broad spectrum vitamin and mineral supplement formulated for the horse or pony in light-to-moderate work. A high fibre diet is natural to the horse, mimicking the continual grazing that his gut evolved to thrive on. Fibre provides slow release energy, ideal for maintaining condition. For this reason, many leisure horses will receive adequate energy for work and to maintain condition from grazing and forage alone. However, fibre alone is unlikely to provide all the micro-nutrients required for health and vitality. Vitamins and minerals are particularly likely to be low in preserved forage, such as hay or haylage, and where grazing is less than optimum, such as closely grazed paddocks, fast growing grass and in areas of high rainfall. General Purpose Supplement provides a broad spectrum of vitamins and minerals for health and vitality. Designed to complement the high fibre, low concentrate diet, General Purpose Supplement is ideal for all horses and ponies receiving less than manufacturer's recommended rates of hard feed.

Wheat feed, Maize, Calcium carbonate, Brewers’ yeast,Dicalcium phosphate, Whey protein powder, Sodium chloride,Whey powder, Magnesium oxide.
Additives (per kg)
Amino acids
dl-Methionine 3c301  5,000 mg
l-Lysine monohydrochloride 3.2.3  10,000 mg

Trace Elements
Calcium iodate,anhydrous E 2 (31 mg) 20 mg Iodine
Cupric sulphate,pentahydrate E 4 (3,600 mg) 900 mg Copper
Ferrous sulphate,monohydrate E 1 (10,000 mg) 3,000 mg Iron
Manganous oxide E 5 (3,230 mg) 2,000 mg Manganese
Selenised yeast inactivated 3b8.10 (8,000 mg) 8 mg Selenium
Zinc oxide E 6 (5,560 mg) 4,000 mg Zinc

Biotin   32 mg
Choline chloride   2,000 mg
Folic acid 3a316  150 mg
Pantothenic Acid   500 mg
Vitamin A E 672  300,000 I.U.
Vitamin B1   500 mg
Vitamin B12   3.33 mg
Vitamin B2   334 mg
Vitamin B6   200 mg
Vitamin D3 E671  50,000 I.U.
Vitamin E 3a700  8,500 I.U.
Vitamin K   170 mg
Niacinamide 3a315  886 mg

Analytical Constituents
Crude protein 13.3%
Crude oils and fats 3.3%
Crude ash 29.7%
Crude fibre 35.8%
Sodium 9,490 mg/kg
Calcium 61,000 mg/kg
Magnesium 3,580 mg/kg
Phosphorous 9,000 mg/kg

Add to daily feed ration year round to support general health, particularly when concentrate feed is being fed at less than the recommended amount.
Horses g per day scoops per day
Active 60-75 2-2?
Resting 45-60 1?-2
Active 30-60 1-2
Resting 30 1