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Mikki Porcupine Brush for double/thick coats

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Sale Mikki Porcupine Brush for double/thick coats
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Porcupine Brush for double/thick coats

*Dual length bristles
*Washable nylon bristles
*Soft grip shaped for comfort and control
*The flexible head gives a more gentle brushing *experience for you and your pet
*Regular brushing ensures a shiny and healthy coat

More Info
The Mikki Porcupine Brush has a combination of soft and hard nylon bristles to enhance grooming action and reduce any excessive brushing force.

The porcupine brush is ideal for dual length coats as the long hard bristles reach through the top coat to help reduce tangles and matts from the undercoat. The short soft bristles remove loose hair and stimulate natural oils that promote a shiny and healthy top coat.

The soft grip handle shape gives comfort and control while grooming and helps both you and your pet enjoy the grooming session.

Ideal for medium and long hair breeds. Regular grooming helps to promote healthy skin & coats.

Directions For Use
Use gentle stroking actions to allow the longer nylon bristles to reach down to the lower layers of your pet's coat and the shorter bristles help to distribute your pet's natural oils through their coat, leaving it clean and healthy. Be gentle and careful at first until you are familiar with the action.

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