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Mikki Flea Comb Large

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  • Mikki Flea Comb Large

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Flea Comb

*Traps and combs out fleas & their eggs
*New & improved ergonomic handle

Directions For Use
Thoroughly comb the coat with a Mikki comb or brush.

Have a large sheet of paper underneath your pet so that the fleas & eggs can be easy seen and destroyed. Light paper will allow dark eggs to show up.

Comb gently and systematically remembering that fleas tend to favour areas where the fur is thicker. When you spot fleas trapped in the teeth immediately drown them in soapy water or insecticide.

During the flea season, comb your pet daily to ensure your pet is flea free.

Grooming your pet is essential for its well being and appearance. Combing removes loose hair, dirt and prevents hair from getting tangled and matted. Just a few minutes each day will keep your pet’s coat shiny and healthy.

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A larger flea comb for the longer haired cats, very useful as part of the grooming regime.

Reviewed on: 28 September 2020

Product Variant: FLEACOMBL



Reviewed on: 09 September 2014

Product Variant: FLEACOMBL

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