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Mikki Cotton Gloves for all coats


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*Easy to use for left and right handers
*Makes the coat shine
*Great for grooming nervous pets
*Long lasting and washable
*One size fits all

The Mikki Cotton Gloves are a specially designed textured glove with circular protrusions that cause friction between the glove and coat, allowing loose and dead hair to be gathered.

Directions For Use
Ensure that both you and your pet are comfortable and relaxed.

Use a stroking action when using the glove to easily and gently remove any dead or unwanted hair leaving the coat clean and healthy.

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Fast service good product

Reviewed on: 26 November 2015

Product Variant: GROOMGLOVE



Reviewed on: 20 May 2015

Product Variant: GROOMGLOVE


My cat elvis loves these when we groom him as we had problems using a brush or comb, as soon as he seen a comb he would run away but not with the gloves as he loves them.

Reviewed on: 03 November 2013

Product Variant: GROOMGLOVE

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