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Mikki Anti-Tangle Comb

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Sale Mikki Anti-Tangle Comb - Mikki Anti-Tangle Comb

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Anti Tangle Comb
Spinning stainless steel teeth help tease through knots and tangles
Ergonomic handle helps reduce wrist strain
Available for fine and thick coats

Mikki Anti Tangle Combs are designed by grooming experts to help reduce the pressure exerted when grooming your pet - making it more enjoyable for both of you.
The 360º spinning teeth tease through tangles to allow you to easily remove loose hair and dirt, leaving your pet's coat looking healthy and shiny.

If your pet has matts, use a Mikki Matt Splitter or Matt Master to help you cut through the tangles - this will be easier for you to do and easier for your pet.

Directions For Use
Stand your pet on a mat or newspaper to catch the loose hair or groom outdoors. Make sure both you and your pet are comfortable and relaxed before grooming to ensure you both enjoy it.

Run the comb through your pet's coat applying no more pressure than you would brushing your own hair.
Allow the spinning stainless steel teeth to gently tease through any tangles in the coat.

A few minutes grooming each day will keep your pet's coat healthy and shiny. For best results, use your Mikki Comb with a Mikki Slicker Brush to remove dead hair.

At the end of your grooming session, spray your pet's coat with Mikki Anti-Tangle Spray.  This will keep your pet's coat in good condition and help make any tangles easier to comb out in the future.

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Ok but not ideal for our particular breed

Reviewed by: Corinne Garland-Collins

Reviewed on: 14 October 2019

Product Variant: ANTTCOMB THICK


Good strong comb. perfect for my dogs

Reviewed on: 27 March 2017

Product Variant: ANTTCOMB FINE

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Mikki Anti-Tangle Comb

Mikki Anti-Tangle Comb. Designed by grooming experts to help reduce the pressure exerted when grooming your pet - making it more enjoyable for both of you.


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