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Mepore Adhesive Dressing 9cm x 20cm (single dressing)

Item Number: MEPORE9X20

Mepore Adhesive Dressing 9cm x 20cm (single dressing)

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Mepore ® is a breathable, absorbent, self-adhesive dressing for a wide variety of wounds with low to moderate exudate levels – such as surgical wounds, cuts, and abrasions. The dressing fixes gently and securely to the skin with a skin-friendly, water-based adhesive, and it’s air permeable to prevent maceration of the wound.

  • Water-based, solvent-free adhesive provides gentle fixation
  • Wound contact layer is low-adherent
  • Breathable to prevent maceration and help maintain a moist wound environment
  • Easy-to-remove protection paper is also aseptic
  • Fabric is conformable and flexible to allow body movement

Frequently Asked Questions

My dog has a soar spot from licking can I use this dressing?

Yes this can be applied directly to a wound. We advise you speak to your vet to help treat the problem.

Will this dressing stick to the horse’s hair to stay on a cut on the shoulder?

No it is very hard to get things to stock to hair. You would need to use something like Animal Polster to secure it.

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Great useful..............

Reviewed on: 18 January 2019

Product Variant: MEPORE9X20


first rate service throughout

Reviewed by: Stephen Bell

Reviewed on: 07 May 2018

Product Variant: MEPORE9X20


These are so useful for the dogs, breathable and keep wounds covered, together with the soft bandage and adhesive bandage, a great solution for keeping wounds clean to aid healing.

Reviewed by: Eileen

Reviewed on: 18 February 2016

Product Variant: MEPORE9X20


As Above

Reviewed on: 04 November 2014

Product Variant: MEPORE9X20

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