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Maxavita MaxaBiotic 900g


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Maxavita MaxaBiotic 900g.

MaxaBiotic is a feed supplement containing natural prebiotic and probiotic ingredients, plus Green Lipped Mussel for horses, to help maintain a healthy, balanced digestive system.

Yeast is added to encourage the growth of friendly bacteria, with dietary fibre and Alfalfa to help maintain regular gut function. The addition of Green Lipped Mussel is designed to help ease irritation and promote intestinal health. Green Lipped Mussel is known for its high levels of Omega-3 ETA fatty acids which have natural soothing properties.

MaxaBiotic is suitable for feeding in times of stress and as a daily supplement for horses with digestive problems.

Feeding Guide
1 level scoop (30g) daily with feed.

Sacchromyces Cerevisea (Yeast)

A probiotic strain of yeast which helps to support the digestive tract and maintain healthy gut function.

FOS (Fructooligosaccharide)
A prebiotic complex carbohydrate which encourages the growth of 'good bacteria' to support digestion. FOS is also a good source of dietary fibre further promoting intestinal health.

Green Lipped Mussel SuPerna™
Our unique Green Lipped Mussel extract contains high levels of Omega-3 ETA fatty acids, which have natural soothing properties to help ease irritation.

Alfalfa is naturally high in protein, calcium, plus other minerals, vitamin A, vitamins in the B group, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E, and vitamin K.

Ingredients per 900g/30 day supply. Per day 1 x 30g scoop.
Brewers Yeast (Sacchromyces Cerevisea) - 300g
FOS (Fructo Oligo Saccharide) - 450g
GLM SuPerna™ - 3g
Alfalfa Blend

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Used for years, when horses have to an upset tummy really helps

Reviewed on: 12 June 2019

Product Variant: MAXABIOTIC


As Above

Reviewed on: 18 June 2014

Product Variant: MAXABIOTIC


Good product, does what it says on the tub

Reviewed on: 08 December 2013

Product Variant: MAXABIOTIC

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