Lintbells YuMOVE Working Dog Tablets (pack of 480)


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YUMOVE Working Dog is the only supplement that provides all the key ingredients needed to support your dog’s joint health and maintain energy and stamina. It contains only the best quality ingredients at levels that provide fast, effective and long-term support for joint health.

Aids Joint Recovery – triple strength green lipped mussel reduces stiffness and aids joint recovery.
Supports Joint Structure – veterinary strength Glucosamine, chondroitin and manganese support the joint cartilage, ligaments & tendons.
Promotes Mobility – hyaluronic acid provides cushioning and lubrication aiding shock absorption
Maintains energy and stamina – beta glucans, proven in Nordic sledge dogs, supports energy uptake and stamina to keep dogs working longer
Beta glucans provides a feed source for the good bacteria in your dog’s digestive system to support a healthy uptake of energy and nutrition. This enables them to get more out of their food, providing stamina and performance for a full working day.

Beta glucans also supports a healthy immune system, helping your dog to cope with the daily challenges thrown at them.

As a working dog formula, YUMOVE Working Dog is VAT free, making it cheaper per tablet than the standard YUMOVE.

Small breeds (up to 15kg) - 1 tablet
Medium breeds (16-30kg) - 2 tablets
Large breeds (31 -45kg) - 3 tablets
Very large breeds (over 45kg) - 4 tablets

We recommend using double the daily recommendation for the first couple of weeks to ensure your dog is getting off to a good start, providing them with enough of the key ingredients to support their joints.

Following two and half years of rigorous clinical research by the Royal Veterinary College, YuMOVE Working Dog is clinically proven to work in just 6 weeks. All the ingredients in YuMOVE Working Dog have been carefully selected, based on the results of research that prove their beneficial effects for your dog's joints. Unlike many joint supplements, YuMOVE Working Dog does not include a long list of unproven ingredients.

NB - Yumove Working Dog is specifically formulated for use exclusively in working dogs. This includes for example working sheep dogs of any breed, dogs trained and used as gun dogs and racing greyhounds.