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Leovet Respiratory Syrup 1L

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Leovet Respiratory Syrup 1L

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Formerly known as Leovet Bronchial Elixir
The whole power of natural herb extracts

Keeps respiratory ducts and bronchia healthy. Contains fluid extracts of aniseed, fennel, ribwort, chestnut, primrose, thyme and echinacea. It has a soothing and beneficial effect, that very effectively balances out a weakening of the immune system.

*A gentle preparation made from echinacea, anise, fennel, ribwort, chestnut, primrose and thyme as fluid extracts.
*The concentrated fluid form is taken up more quickly by the organism, effectively offsetting nutrient deficiencies or environmental stress which can interfere with the respiratory tracts and thus weaken the immune system.

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