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Lanflox 100 mg/ml Solution for Drinking Water for Chickens and Turkeys

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Lanflox 100 mg/ml Solution for Drinking Water for Chickens and Turkeys

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Lanflox 100 mg/ml Solution for Drinking Water for Chickens and Turkeys.


For use in chickens and turkeys to treat diseases of the respiratory tract due to Escherichia coli or/and Mycoplasma gallisepticum, where clinical experience and/or sensitivity testing indicates that enrofloxacin is the drug of choice.

Dosage and administration

For oral administration in the drinking water. Medicated water may be put directly into a header tank or supplied through a water-proportioner.


Dosage 10 mg of enrofloxacin per kg live bodyweight per day for five consecutive days, typically corresponding to 50 ml of product per 100 litres water.


Before use, header tanks should be emptied, thoroughly cleaned and filled with a known volume of clean water before addition of the required amount of product. The resulting mixture should be stirred. Header tanks should be regularly inspected for the presence of dust, the growth of algae and sedimentation.


Medication of the drinking water should be continuous during the treatment period and no other source of water should be available. Medicated water should be made up every day, immediately before it is offered to the birds. Calculate the total body mass to be treated and the total daily water consumption before each treatment.


The consumption of medicated water depends on the age and clinical condition of the birds, the ambient temperature, and the lighting regime. In order to obtain the correct dosage, the concentration of the product should be adjusted accordingly. Taking into account that 10 mg enrofloxacin per kg body weight corresponds to 0.1 ml of the product per kg body weight, the following calculation should be made to determine the amount of the product required per litre of drinking water:


0.1 x Average bodyweight of birds to be treated(kg) x No. of birds


= ml of product per litre of

Total water consumption of the flock on the previous day (litres)

drinking water

Contra-indications, warnings, etc

Do not use Lanflox in birds producing eggs for human consumption, for prophylaxis or in cases of confirmed, or suspected, resistance to quinolones. Do not use it in cases of hypersensitivity to the active ingredient. Fluoroquinolones should be reserved for the treatment of clinical conditions which have responded poorly, or are expected to respond poorly, to other classes of antimicrobials. Wherever possible, the use of fluoroquinolones should be based on susceptibility testing. Deviation from the instructions for the use of this product may increase the prevalence of bacteria resistant to fluoroquinolones and may decrease the effectiveness of treatment with other quinolones, owing to the potential for cross resistance. If there is no clinical improvement within two to three days, susceptibility testing should be repeated and therapy should be changed if appropriate.


Wear impervious gloves when handling this product. Its direct contact with the skin should be avoided because it may cause sensitisation, contact dermatitis and hypersensitivity reactions. Wash any splashes from the skin or eyes immediately with water. Wash the hands and exposed skin after using it. Do not eat, drink or smoke whilst using it.


Withdrawal periods for meat and offal: chickens, 7 days; turkeys, 13 days. Lanflox is not authorized for use in birds producing eggs for human consumption. It should not be administered to replacement layers less than 14 days before they will come into lay.

Pharmaceutical precautions

Do not mix Lanflox with any other veterinary medicinal product. Admixture of air in medicated drinking water may cause precipitation of enrofloxacin. High concentrations of calcium and magnesium in water may cause precipitation of enrofloxacin during intermediate dilution in dosage devices.

Shelf life after opening the pack: 3 months. Shelf life after dilution according to these instructions: 24 hours.

Legal category


Packaging Quantities

Polyethylene bottles containing 250 ml or 1 litre

Data Sheets

LANFLOX 1L: Data Sheet

LANFLOX 250ML: Data Sheet

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