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Lambing, Calving & Farrowing

We stock a huge range of lambing supplies ranging from our best sellers a Liquid Life Aid 960ml for oral use to reverse the process of dehydration and electrolyte loss to castration rings for tailing or castration. Check out our full range of lambing, calving and farrowing products below.

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Delux Heat Lamp with Dimmer Switch

12 aluminium reflector with safety guard and one metre of chain plus quality heat resistant Edison screw lamp holder. Lead is 1.5 metres long and fitted with 13 amp plus and dimmer control to reduce output and power consumption by 50% (Bulb not included)


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Provimilk Shepherdess Replacement Lamb Milk 20kg

Provimilk Shepherdess Replacement Lamb Milk 20kg. An universal lamb milk replacer offering the ideal start in life whatever the rearing system.

Item #: SHEP20

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Col-Late Ultra Concentrate Lamb Colostrum 500g (20 lamb)

A nutritional feed containing 1st day colostrum to give high energy levels and support to weak and small lambs.

Item #: COL50

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Nettex Lamb Colostrum 1kg (40 lamb pack)

Feed to lambs when colostrum deficiency is likely to occur.


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J Lube Powder 284g

J-LUBE® is a concentrated powder that dissolves easily in water and is a very effective obstetrical lubricant. J-LUBE® is completely inert and non-irritating. 284g plastic bottle with shaker top makes 6–8 gallons of lubricant

Item #: JLUBE

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Bovivet Magnet Introduce Metal

Made in stainless steel for long lifetime. For use with Bovivet magnets for cows


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Copinox Ewe/Calf 4g (pack of 250)

For oral administration only. Place the capsule at the back of the mouth, beyond the hump of the tongue, using a suitable dosing gun fitted with the special adaptors provided. The 4g capsule is inserted at one end and the other is attached to the drench gun.

Item #: COPINOX4

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Copinox Lamb 2g (250)

Copinox the prevention and treatment of copper deficiency and sway back in lambs by the treatment of ewes. Caution is advised before treating housed sheep and those breeds known to be susceptible to copper toxicity (e.g. North Ronaldsay Texel and Lleyn).

Item #: COPINOX2

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