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We stock a huge range of lambing supplies ranging from our best sellers a Liquid Life Aid 960ml for oral use to reverse the process of dehydration and electrolyte loss to castration rings for tailing or castration. Check out our full range of lambing, calving and farrowing products below.

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Lamb Feeder Bottle 500ml + Teat

Lamb feeding bottle complete with Pritchard teat.

Item #: 51500

From £2.55 inc. VAT

Standard Heat Lamp

Very high quality industrial rated heat lamp. Complete with high temperature bulb holder (Edison screw) aluminium reflector guard and hanging chain - max bulb 250 w. Complete with fitted 13 A plug. Infra-Red lamp assembly & 5m cable (Bulb not included)

Item #: HEAT

From £22.15 inc. VAT

Screw On Teat (Pritchards)

A natural longer shaped teat which eliminates loss of milk from the corners of the lamb's mouth and therefore is more cost effective than types previously available. New design assures fast acceptance by the lamb. Fits a greater variety of bottles and the tips of teats can be cut to accommodate the required milk flow.


From £1.35 inc. VAT

Lamb Reviever

Graduated 60ml syringe with 2 catheters. Essential aid at lambing for dosing colostrums etc.


From £2.51 inc. VAT

Delux Heat Lamp with Dimmer Switch

12 aluminium reflector with safety guard and one metre of chain plus quality heat resistant Edison screw lamp holder. Lead is 1.5 metres long and fitted with 13 amp plus and dimmer control to reduce output and power consumption by 50% (Bulb not included)


From £46.25 inc. VAT

Ceramic Dull Emitter Bulb

Produces only heat not light Infra-red ceramic bulb. screw fitting

Item #: BULBC 250W

From £19.59 inc. VAT

Plastic Lambing Aid

Plastic Lambing Aid. An essential aid at lambing time, when head is to one side or bent backwards. Comes with full instructions.


From £5.42 inc. VAT

Calf Stomach Tube - Agrihealth

3lt capacity flexible feeding bag for the safe and easy administration of fluids and electrolytes to calves. 0.5lt graduations. Tube extends 900mm with 570mm probe.

Item #: CALF

From £14.69 inc. VAT

Agrihealth Pull-Through Replacement Teats

Agrihealth Pull-Through Replacement Teats for Square Bucket Lamb Feeder.


From £3.95 inc. VAT

Calving Rope

A soft but strong calving rope with a loop at each end. 1.8m long.

Item #: CAL9011073

From £6.96 inc. VAT

Ceramic Dull Emitter Bulb

Produces only heat not light Infra-red ceramic bulb. screw fitting

Item #: BULBC 150W

From £19.59 inc. VAT

Economy Calf Teat

Softer economy teat that fits bucket bar and bar feeder units.


From £1.59 inc. VAT



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