Ibuleve Spray 35ml


  • Ibuleve Spray 35ml

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Ibuleve Spray is a clear, fragrance-free spray containing ibuprofen, a proven anti-inflammatory painkiller. The spray is specially formulated to allow rapid absorption of ibuprofen through the skin for effective relief at the point of pain.

Ibuleve Spray with its convenient spray presentation, reduces pain, swelling and inflammation. Ibuleve Spray is non-sticky, non-greasy and colourless. For fast local relief of rheumatic pain, reduces pain, swelling and inflammation in backache, muscular pain, sprains and strains. Also for the relief in common arthritic conditions. Active ingredient: Ibuprofen 5% w/w.

For the local relief of backache, rheumatic and muscular pain, sprains and strains, reduces swelling and inflammation, pain relief in common arthritic conditions

Adults: hold bottle upright or upside down and apply 5-10 sprays (1-2ml) up to 4 times daily
Massage into the skin over the affected area until dry
Children: not to be used under 12 years.