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Hyperdrug Veterinary Ear Drops 15ml

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Hyperdrug Veterinary Ear Drops 15ml

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These ear drops contain natural and antibacterial ingredients to soothe irritation, soften wax and allow healing. They may be used where there is irritation with mild scratching, head shaking or dark waxy debris in one or both ears. They are NOT intended to treat severe ear infections- consult a Veterinary Surgeon at once if there is a heavy strong smelling discharge, serious inflammation, swelling or pain with severe scratching, head shaking or tilting or if irritation persists after use for 7 days in minor problems as directed below.

Directions for use in Dogs and Cats (or puppies or kittens over 12 weeks). Gently warm the drops to body heat by holding bottle in the hand for a few minutes before use. Shake bottle and very gently squeeze 3-6 drops (depending on size of animal) into ears as below (or as directed by Vet):

Cats and very small dogs- use 3 drops
Small dogs- use 4 drops
Medium dogs- use 5 drops
Large dogs- use 6 drops

Hold the animals head to one size for 15-20 seconds to allow drops to penetrate the ear canal, gently rubbing the base of the ear before allowing them to shake their heads. Use daily for 7 days and always treat both eras. A second course may be given 7 days after finishing the first. If signs of disease appear consult your veterinary surgeon.

NB Never probe inside the ears as this can cause pain or injury. Any discharge on the outer surface of the ears may be gently removed with cotton wool.