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Hyperdrug Pinworm Test Kit For One Equine

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This test is to determine the presence of pinworm eggs.

Fortunately pinworm do not cause a problem to the horse's digestive system, or internal damage like other worms. However they can cause great irritation, sometimes so severe the horse will rub themselves raw around their tail head. This can lead to skin infections and further problems.

The Adhesive Tape Test

To test for pinworm use the provided adhesive tape to take an impression from under the horse's tail.

1. Take the length of sticky tape and press firmly onto the skin around the horse's anus. Ideally collect the sample in the morning, before 9am. Pinworms are most active at night so this will give the best chance of detecting any pinworm eggs.

2. Fold the tape in half, sticky side to sticky side.

3. Place the tape inside the labelled bag provided, indicating the horses name or test number.

4. Return the sample along with the completed form above in the prepaid envelope provided.

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