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Horse Grooming Products & Supplies

Horse grooming is hygienic care given to a horse to enhance its physical appearance for horse shows or other types of competition. We stock a great range of horse grooming supplies to keep your horse looking its best from shampoos and conditioners to stock combs and brushes as well as clippers and trimmers. Check out our full range below.



Horse Grooming Best Sellers

Wahl Dirty Beastie Shampoo

Dirty Beastie is a natural, organic based shampoo designed for use on dirty, thick or matted coats.


From £7.85 inc. VAT

Wahl Shampoo Pump Dispenser

This pump action dispenser provides a clean and efficient way to decant and dilute concentrated shampoos and conditioners from the 5lt bottles, reducing spills and minimising wastage. The pump can be locked when not in use to seal the bottle.

Item #: WAHLPD

From £2.95 inc. VAT

Lincoln Hoof Oil Brush

Lincoln Hoof Oil Brush. Specifically designed for the job. Traditional hoof oil brush with plastic handle.

Item #: HOOFOB

From £1.05 inc. VAT

Large Economy Sponge (6 x 4 x 2)

A large sized sponge ideal for cleaning tack, buckets or for applying water to your horse or pony after a workout.

Item #: SPO

From £0.75 inc. VAT

Wahl Easy Ear Cleaner 500ml

Wahl have developed an animal ear cleaner that is gentle but effective. The solution can be applied to the ear and then wiped away, taking the dirt and wax with it.

Item #: WAHLEE

From £7.85 inc. VAT

Wahl Diamond White Shampoo

Diamond White is a natural, organic based shampoo designed to enhance white coats.


From £7.85 inc. VAT

Canter Mane & Tail Conditioner

Adds a rich shine, repels dirt. Formulated to keep mane and tail tangle free for up to two weeks.

Item #: CANTER

From £11.35 inc. VAT

Dermoline Insect Shampoo for horses 500ml

When dirt, grease and debris build up on the skin, the result is unhealthy skin and a dull, dirty coat which provides the perfect environment for ectoparasites to thrive.

Item #: DERMI500

From £8.09 inc. VAT